Live-Nimble Premium 100% Stainless Steel Cooling Rack Also Cooks, Roasts, Grills to 575 F. Heavy Duty Wire Grid Cools Cookies Perfectly. Fits Half Sheet Baking Pan. 12x17 inch

Product Description

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  • Rack is 100% 304 stainless steel 18/8 grade which makes it EXTRA STRONG, oven safe to 575°F, freezer to oven, to allow flexibility in roasting, broiling, cooling, freezing, baking, and more.
  • Rack has three crossbars and six feet 3/4 “ high, with extra heavy gauge wire and smaller grid pattern for maximum strength, no warping. Best rack to set and cool delicate baked goods or roast heavier meats and veggies. 12" x 17”, Fits perfectly in half sheet baking pan.
  • NO COATINGS on rack to flake off or emit noxious fumes. Dishwasher safe, oven safe to 575°F. Lifetime no hassle guarantee on rack.
  • EVEN GETS BETTER!! TWO BONUS E-BOOKS - Fifty Nifty Recipes and Roasted Vegetables 2.0 by Nancy Oar - Healthy living recipes for flexible cooking for any lifestyle. Tips on how to best use rack. Cook an entire meal on the rack, with easy, no-stick clean up.!!

Detailed Description:

Life is complicated, live-nimble. Move more easily between your demanding roles in life.

How can this rack enhance your cooking skills and make your life more simple?

- Oven safe, dishwasher safe, no-rust, and NO COATINGS to contaminate your food!
- Perfect for any diet or lifestyle! Healthier more delicious food!
- The rack can do all this and more!
- BROIL - safe to 575°F, perfectly glaze, cook, finish, or melt foods
- ROAST - intensifies flavors in vegetables, fruits, and meats. Enhances Maillard effect. Especially popular for bacon and crispy chicken, (whole chicken or pieces).
- BAKE - fresh or frozen appetizers and smaller items that can slip through other oven racks
- WARM - for crispier re-heated pizza crust or moist tortillas.
- DEHYDRATE - save $$ by making kale or brussels sprouts chips, dried fruit, jerky,etc.
- COOL - cookies and other baked goods set and cool perfectly
- DECORATE - coat, enrobe or drizzle designs on any food.
- Other uses - drain washed fruit and veggies, as trivet, hold items for freezer or refrigerator, an excellent multi-tasker!!

Why is this the best cooking rack on the market?

- A Bonus e-book Fifty Nifty Recipes gives tips and recipes to best use these tools and enhance your cooking skills. Cook healthier, easier, cleaner, and more delicious.
- Rack is unbelievably heavy duty at 1 lb 9 oz.

Live-Nimble offers lifetime guarantee on rack

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