About us

About NKOAR Enterprises and Live-Nimble:

We established NKOAR Enterprises, LLC as a family business with the vision that it will become a family of businesses for our family.  Live-Nimble is the brand Nancy and Ken created for themselves to get the on-line businesses started. 

Our vision is to create a store focused on helping people who want to live more nimble lives.  As we are physically, mentally and financially healthy we are more capable of enjoying life.  Our hope is that while we're enjoying life we can improve the environment and the enjoyment of those in our communities.

Our mission is to search for products that make us more capable of living our best life while lightening our footprint on the environment.  

Live-Nimble is a brand for our on-line presence.  We want to have a major presence with Amazon.

About Live-Nimble: 

Live-Nimble is a brand developed by NKOAR Enterprises, LLC to focus on offering products that help families address the complexities of modern life in a more nimble way. 

About Nancy:

Our story began recently at Thanksgiving. A time for our ‘tribe’ of 40 children and grandchildren to gather and reunite, preparation was well underway a week prior to the festive occasion. Then a phone call disrupted my orderly planning. “Hi Mom, I’ve decided to become vegan. I am bringing my own food so it won’t be an issue for you.” Really? After preparing food for my family for so many years, I would not rest until everyone could sit down to a ‘traditional’ meal that could be enjoyed by all.

I was already dealing with too many food issues. For years I had been increasing the amount of vegetables to my (generally) healthy cooking, but gluten free, Paleo, allergies to egg, nut, seafood, dairy, diet restrictions, and the expectations of a traditional dinner had been haunting me for weeks. Now this? Scouring my 150 cookbooks acquired for my catering business led me to some amazing recipes and cooking techniques for (nearly) traditional foods. No Tofurky, (hope that doesn’t offend anyone) but some wonderful dishes that were both traditional in intent, and fulfilled dietary restrictions.

That successful but trying holiday helped me realize how complicated my life had become. I needed tools and life hacks to simplify my many responsibilities. Cooking is the obvious place for us to start our business, but we intend to source tools and products that help you to move more efficiently and nimbly between those many tasks of daily life. Our mission is to enhance and simplify your life so that you may live-nimble.

About Ken:

Until he retired Ken managed R&D and Quality Engineers in the High-Tech industry for over 40 years. During that time he developed a deep appreciation for products with superior performance and lasting value. His passion to buy quality products that last a long time led him to focus our product offerings on durable, highly flexible products that allow you to lighten your footprint on the planet. But through Nancy’s influence he has gained an appreciation for beauty and the need for enjoyment throughout our lives. This will be reflected in our product offerings that not only offer long lasting, high quality tools, but also fun, quirky things that enrich your lives.

Be nimble!