Roving Blue® Ozo-Pod™ 10 AC/DC

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Tap into Purity with the Ozo-Pod™ 10 AC/DC, which gives you the power of ozone to purify water in your own kitchen and disinfect your environment

The Roving Blue Aqueous Ozone Technology is patented breakthrough technology that creates millions of ozone bubbles which rid the water of harmful organisms, pharmaceuticals, herbicides and pesticides leaving you with pure water to drink. While the ozone is active the water can be used to disinfect surfaces like your skin, tools and work surfaces.  Read More about this ozone in the FAQ.

  • First and foremost the OZO-Pod purifies water.  In an emergency or on the road you can purify surface water to give you a clean, fresh water supply.
  • Ozonated water is "Water That Cleans".  Whatever it comes into contact with becomes purified as well.  Cutting boards, storage containers, etc.
  • Even if you purchase organic vegetables, that doesn't guarantee they are free of microbes.

  • Easy to use, the Ozo-Pod™ 10 will quickly bring 2.64 gallons of water up to 0.5-2.0 ppm ozone concentration within minutes.  That is a lethal level to almost any microbe that can make you sick.  Ozone also breaks down harmful long-chain molecules that are found in herbicides and pesticides.

  • Just pour water into a receptacle of your choice, then place the pod so that it is completely submerged.  Press the ON button and you are in business. You will quickly find that the uses are endless.  

  • The Ozo-Pod™ is encased in stainless steel for a rugged yet elegant look for years of use.  It utilizes an advanced method to produce ozone; (we make it out of water, not the air), so there are no air pumps or air stones, hence no moving parts to wear out or clog.  Most of the ozone stays in the water as a cloud and after a short time reverts to oxygen and water leaving no residue. The ozone also improves the taste of the water.

  • NEW Built-in AC/DC Adaptor - allows connection to any AC 110 Volt outlet or any 12 volt battery (like your car, motorcycle, boat, etc.). 

  • Unlimited pure water without backwashing or replacing filters, or replacing UV bulbs.

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$ 199.00

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