O-Pen™ Tactical Black - Water Purification by Roving Blue®

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Roam the world or the backwoods with confidence and peace of mind, because water purity shouldn’t be an adventure. 

The Roving Blue Aqueous Ozone Technology is patented breakthrough technology that creates millions of ozone bubbles which rid the water of harmful organisms, pharmaceuticals, herbicides and pesticides leaving you with pure water to drink. While the ozone is active the water can be used to disinfect surfaces like your skin, tools and work surfaces.  Read More about this ozone in the FAQ.


One click and 30 seconds are all you need to purify 8 ounces of water and give you water to disinfect your environment Ozone remains for about 15 minutes, then becomes slightly alkaline oxygenated water. Bad tastes and odors are removed from water making it taste as great as bottled water. 16 L of water can be purified on one charge, then recharge the batteries with USB port, included.  

  • WANT TO BE PREPARED? Disaster ready, travel ready! Know security when facing the dangers of natural or man made disasters. traveling the world, or roaming the outdoors.
  • THE WORLD IS YOUR WATER BOTTLE. Use any surface water, rain, ditch, stream, puddles, O-Pen a world of adventures knowing your water is pure.

  • ESSENTIAL  for your family’s safety and well being, Pen sized. it fits backpack, suitcase, or handbag.TSA approved, goes anywhere, anytime.

  • KILLS pathogens like salmonella, e.coli, giardia, cryptosporidium  viruses, amoebas, protozoa and more. 30 seconds and 8 ounces of water is purified.

  • DESTROYS pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals and chlorine in your water without leaving toxic by-products like other chemical treatments do.

  • Use USB port and solar charger for unlimited pure water without backwashing or replacing filters, or replacing UV bulbs.

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