12 health benefits of ozone! KILLS VIRUSES

Aqueous ozone is the most powerful disinfectant you can have, and created by nature.  50% stronger than chlorine and 3000X more efficient/quicker. In 10 minutes the Roving Blue OZO-POD   can bring 10L up to a strength that will kill pathogens, neutralize pesticides, herbicides, and pharmaceuticals. 

EPA states that Aqueous Ozone KILLS viruses and Algae toxins




THIS IS A BRIEF LIST of the pathogens killed by aqueous ozone 

Giardia, E.Coli, salmonella, MRSA, pseudomonas aeruginosa, listeria, legionnaires, cryptosporidium, nematode eggs, cysts and protozoa, chlorella vulgaris, cholera, typhus, strep, staph, enteric, rotovirus, norwalk, hepatitis, polio, molds and fungi, algae and yeasts, candida albicans, herpes, flu and cold viruses, botulism, Algae and its toxins. 

12 health benefits from aqueous ozone

1. MOST IMPORTANTLY NOW, is the ability to kill the corona virus. Aqueous ozone destroys the SARS coronavirus, MERS coronavirus, and other cold and flu variations.  It is USED IN CHINA effectively, to combat the covid 19 virus.


2. NEUTRALIZES. most pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, by breaking long chain molecules. Get rid of them with the OZO-POD!  Removes them from produce as well as drinking water. 

3. DISINFECT ENVIRONMENTAL SURFACES… counter tops, cutting board, sinks, sponges, garbage disposals, bathroom fixtures, shower tiles, doorknobs, remotes, baby tub toys, silicone toys, remotes, knives, hands. Wipe or wash off visible dirt, pools of meat juice, etc. Then, wipe with wet cloth or towel that has been dipped in aqueous ozone, and let dry. Squeeze the tub toys and fill with the ozonated water to keep them mildew free. The surface should stay wet for about 30 seconds.

4.  DISINFECTS INJURIES AND HANDS…. Aqueous Ozone kills germs when it makes contact. When you have minor injuries and you have no way to get rid of the germs that can cause infection, aqueous ozone is there to wash and disinfect injury sites. Not approved for surgery, of course, or puncture wounds, but it disinfects minor injuries that can become infected. Great for when you are camping, or in an emergency, when access to medical facilities and medicine may be limited or unavailable, such as floods, earthquakes, power outages. 

NOTE!! The CDC recommends a two step method for cleaning anything. First, remove surface dirt and grime, then sanitize. We recommend that as well. Since Aqueous Ozone will kill pathogens it comes in contact with, it is best to remove surface dirt as the CDC recommends, for a cleaner, more effective result in all these applications

5. BE THE COMMUNITY FIRST RESPONDER IN EMERGENCIES, In a group camping situation, or community disaster, just hook your ozo-pod into your car battery, or any 12 V battery, and you can ozonate/purify 6 gallons of water in about 20 minutes with little loss of battery power. Use water for drinking, cleaning, sanitizing your hands (better than hand sanitizers), food that is foraged, injuries, and anything that needs to be sanitized.

How great is that, to be able to help your neighbors and your family in the event of power loss, flood, hurricane, or other disaster? To have water that can sanitize injuries, food and hands? Incredible!

6. PRODUCE AND FLOWERS LAST LONGER!   Produce rinsed in ozonated water is disinfected, lasts longer too, reducing the amount of wasted produce and saving money. This is the process many organic processors use to keep their expensive produce fresher and retaining nutrients longer. Ozonate the water you plan to use for your herbs, cut flowers, or that special bouquet, and see how long they last! Gunky green stuff doesn’t happen.

7. NON-ORGANIC TO ALMOST ORGANIC! Pesticides are neutralized, bacteria and harmful germs are destroyed, leaving fewer on your non-organic produce. Yes, your organic veggies also have some type of pesticides, so even those will be cleaner.  Water will remove only 80% of the pesticides, and washes can have chemicals. Feed your family more nutrition not more chemicals

NOTE!! Cut fruits and vegetables can not necessarily be fully cleaned as the FDA has recently discovered that E. coli can actually migrate into cut or damaged surfaces. 

8. KILLS MOLD AND MILDEW Mold and mildew is killed when it makes contact with aqueous ozone, primarily surface contamination. Deeply rooted mildew may not be completely removed. 

9. DENTAL HEALTH-Aqueous ozone is used by some to manage bad breath, inflamed gums, infections, and reduce plaque. Frequently used in dental procedures. 

10. FLOORS Wash to remove surface dirt and grime, then rinse with the aqueous ozone, allow to dry naturally. Now your children can crawl and play on the floor.

11.  KILLS ALGAE TOXINS. Tests by the EPA show that aqueous ozone kills the algal toxins very quickly and thoroughly at a relatively low concentration, (ppm)  of aqueous ozone. Still, go for the maximum treatment time, about 4 minutes after the initial 10. 

12. DEODORIZE! Removes noxious smells and tastes from water, and can help deodorize athletic gear and more. 




For aqueous ozone on the go when you travel or for a 72 hr emergency kit, hiking, or wilderness exploration, check out the OZO-PEN. 8 ounces of contaminated water can turn into pure water in 30 seconds with one 'click' of the pen which produces countless  tiny bubbles of aqueous ozone that kill the pathogens. Wait a few minutes, then your water is clean and ready to drink! 

Here’s to pure water! 


This is a long and technical document from the EPA, using CH2M-Hill for research. Although quite technical, it shows how quickly ozone kills algal toxins,   http://www.oregon.gov/oha/PH/HEALTHYENVIRONMENTS/DRINKINGWATER/OPERATIONS/TREATMENT/Documents/algae/Odell-WaterOnline.pdf


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