49'ers Sophisticated Tater Skins

49'ers Sophisticated Tater Skins

San Francisco 49’ers


Artichoke and goat cheese with micro greens

San Francisco.  A beautiful, romantic and wonderful city by the Bay. Innovative, healthy, gourmet, and environmentally aware. What kind of potato would be appropriate for such a place?

 Mini bites, for sure. No huge racks of ribs, gut busting burgers, or mundane menu ingredients.

Alfalfa sprouts? Micro greens? A nice goat cheese and what else? Hmmmm.  Artichoke hearts sound good. It sounds somewhat strange, but cheese and potatoes are great, and vegetables are as well.  So, moving forward, This is what I fixed.  It was a huge hit!

1 lb small red or yukon potatoes
1 small jar marinated artichokes, quartered
1 small package of herbed goat cheese
Microgreens or Alfalfa sprouts


Prepare potatoes by steaming or roasting, then cooling, cutting in half, scooping out and either using them cold or roasting until brown.

Chilling is an option here after browning if that is what you choose to do, so that the Glycemic Index, GI, becomes quite low, around 25. 

Mash goat cheese until soft, put in chopped artichokes and mix well. You may opt to process in a blender, Vita-Mix, or other mixer.  The texture, of course, will be different depending on if or what mixing you do. I pureed mine, then folded in some finely chopped artichokes as well.

You can return to oven for a few minutes to brown, or serve cold.  Top with microgreens.

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  • Nancy Oar
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