Appetizers on the Grill!!

Appetizers on the Grill!!

Appetizers On The Grill!!

Appetizers are such a great way to ease the pangs of hunger while those ribs slowly cook and tempt you with that tantalizing smell. I haven’t used the rack on the BBQ very often, but decided this would be a fun thing to do. Since we were having salmon (ribs another day) and guests, I decided something a bit more, well, sophisticated would be in order. So, I bought prosciutto, asparagus, medjool dates, goat cheese, almonds and bacon. Bacon wrapped stuffed dates and prosciutto (or bacon) wrapped asparagus are one of our favorite casual but elegant appetizers.

When we put the wrapped dates on the table, you have to move quickly because they disappear almost instantly.

First, prepare the ingredients. Trim the asparagus, precook the bacon just a bit, and put everything on the silicone mat to assemble. Since I had some red pepper from the night before, I decided to cut into strips on my cutting board (not the silicone mat) and use that, too.

Then roll the asparagus and roasted red pepper up in a strip of prosciutto.

Secure with a toothpick if needed

Place on the rack, and go for the dates. Using a a needle nose pliers dig into the date to grab the seed. They come out very easily.

Then, take a chunk of goat cheese, any flavor (I usually use plain, but chive and herb is good as well) and stuff into the date. I might mention that brie is delicious, as any soft cheese would be good. Bleu or gorgonzola might be a bit strong, but it could be delicious.

Then, take an almond, I used raw and unsalted, but roasted Marcona almonds are awesome, as are toasted almonds. Insert the almond into the date, if possible, put two in, as it is delicious.

Take the bacon and wrap around the date, overlapping enough to allow a double layer of bacon where you will secure bacon to the date.

With a toothpick, poke through the double layer of bacon in two places.

Place on a rack with the asparagus, and put on BBQ grill.

Place rack on grill, and be certain the temperature does not go over 350°F. BBQ’s heat up very quickly and the bacon and prosciutto can burn very quickly. If the tips of the asparagus get a bit crispy, consider yourself lucky, as it tastes amazing!!!

Live Nimble!!

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